Cybersecurity Governance

Cybersecurity Governance and Cyber Resiliency comes down to two questions that every Company needs to be able to answer:


What often prevents companies from developing cybersecurity and resiliency as core companies is perspective–the need to embrace three areas of focus in every business unit:

  1. Every enterprise today is running a digital organization (its how we connect with customers, vendors and each other)
    Cybersecurity is a business problem (not an IT problem)
  2. Security is forward focused (or it is happenstance)
  3. Every business transaction is now ‘Digital’ requiring cybersecurity and resiliency to be built into those transactions. Cybersecurity and cyber resiliency need to be run with the same rigor and diligence as our financial systems.

Customers across industries—Energy and Natural Resources, Financial Services, Hi-tech Industries, Service Industries, and Public Services all cite that the root cause of their anxiety and issues around cybersecurity is… complexity.

Strong governance is needed to reduce and manage the complexity in today’s networks and digital businesses.

ACG Info System’s Cybersecurity Governance solution provides the framework and functional capabilities to manage and reduce complexity.